National Project “Open World” – the future of education that turns real in Ukraine today


We create a new system of school education with latest technologies deeply integrated into it, a system to raise specialists of the new kind – intelligent, skillful and highly competitive on the world job market.

Our mission:

Modern schools – modern education.

We aim towards revolutionary changes in Ukrainian school education in order to bring it to a whole new level, make it flexible and modern, corresponding to the demands of contemporary society.

Ukrainian specialists – of the highest quality.

Modern Ukraine requires a new kind of professionals – intelligent, creative and capable of working in the rapid informational space, as well as learn and communicate effectively.

Their preparation starts at school, consequently, real changes must take place here. Our goal is to modify Ukrainian school by making it ultimately progressive.

Ukraine: developed and competitive.

Due to the new sort of professionals Ukraine will finally demonstrate its enormous potential on the world arena, forming a reputation of a young and perspective country that possesses strong human capital.

We believe that Ukrainian experts will be valued on the international level while developing our economy.

The ultimate goal – quality education for each and every child.

Our final aim is to eliminate inequality and provide the highest standards of education in every corner of Ukraine.

With the newest technologies we strive to provide every child with an access to rich educational materials and methods, which will eventually allow getting a quality education both in a small village and in a big city.

Core of the project: how to achieve all this?

«Open World» will create a single educational/informational online space for students, teachers and parents all around the Ukraine, where each participant will have a fast and permanent access to all the features.

We will launch a safe educational portal that combines a huge quantity of various school materials with an interactive social network. It will provide an equal access to modern education for every child, leaving the residence related limitations behind.

“Open world” has 4 components:

  1. School improvement. 17 000 schools around Ukraine will be supplied with modern multimedia equipment: teachers' computers, digital labs, multimedia complexes.

  2. Student devices. Portable and convenient tablets for students will be distributed at a socially affordable price.

  3. Launch of Educational portal. The Portal will become a single & safe informational site for the search of educational materials, communication, experience and information exchange for children, parents and teachers.

  4. Building a 4G network. A national network based on 4G technology will be created to connect all schools, student’s tablets and home computers in a unified system. It will assist in providing the highest standard of education in every corner of the country.

Currently due to the situation in our country the project was suspended by the decree of the Government. However, all the materials that were already prepared, now can be fluently used by everyone.



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